When Alvin was growing up, attending a large public school wasn’t a good fit for him. He struggled with behavioral issues and got into more than his fair share of fights. And after one particularly bad fight, his parents had enough. It was time to change schools.

So they searched and found a small private school that was just what their son needed.

But even while working multiple jobs, they just couldn’t cover the cost. Enter ACE.

An ACE Scholarship afforded Alvin the chance to attend the school his parents had found. And while there, everything changed. Alvin worked hard, stopped getting in fights and went on to graduate. In fact, he became the first member of his family to graduate high school.

But Alvin didn’t stop there. He went on to graduate college and today he has a successful career working in the insurance industry. And as if all that’s not enough, Alvin recently purchased his own home. Another first for someone from his family.

Additionally, Alvin sits on the ACE Alumni Board and personally gives back to ACE to help change the lives of other children from low-income families.

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