ACE 2020

ACE Scholar Encouragement Drive

With the impacts of COVID-19 hitting our ACE families particularly hard, we want to do something special for our scholars and specifically for our high school seniors, many of whom will be the first in their families to graduate. We’re so grateful for all the ways our ACE community is rallying behind our scholars and the Class of 2020 to help them feel the love and sense of accomplishment they deserve for their deep dedication to their education.

We invite you to join us in sending messages of encouragement to our scholars!

Scanned handwritten letters
Email messages
Video messages
We encourage you to be creative and hope you find this as an activity your whole family can participate in! Any length is great.

By Thursday, April 30th, please submit a message either addressed generically to an ACE Scholar or to ACE’s Class of 2020.
Email your message to: info@acescholarships.org

• You are smart. You are brave. You are incredible.
• The entire ACE Scholarships community is so proud of you!
• I hope you know how much we believe in you.
• I know you’re going to do great things!
• We could not be more proud of everything you have accomplished.
• I admire the dedication and perseverance you have shown throughout your education.
• Thank you for being a star!
• You inspire me.
• This part of your school career might not be going as planned, but we know your incredible mind, your tenacity and focus, your grit, and your determination to work hard will enable you to continue to accomplish great things.
• We are so excited for what the future holds for you.
• Congratulations to the ACE Class of 2020!
• We know you can achieve anything you put your mind to.
• We are so excited to see what your story will be. Go get it!

Hear from ACE alumnus Davion