ACE continues to process a record number of scholarship applications. All 2021-22 scholarship recipients will be notified in the coming weeks.

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We’ve been changing stories for years. With your help, we can change countless more.

Since ACE Scholarships was founded in 2000, we’ve awarded over 42,000 scholarships with a cumulative worth of more than $102M, helping to send kids from low-income families to the schools of their choice.

Here are just a few of their stories.

  • Michal

    Fleeing religious persecution when he was only five, his new Catholic school education means everything to him and his family.

  • Bradley

    The son of a high school dropout, Bradley is attending the University of Colorado and even plays on their football team.

  • Sade

    The first in her family to graduate high school, but she wasn’t the last.

  • Dau

    From war and famine to a college degree and a bright future filled with helping others in need.

  • Alberto

    This young man spent years in and out of shelters. Today he is filled with dreams for the future.

  • Alvin

    Not just the first member of his family to graduate college, but the first one to graduate high school.

  • Favianna

    This brave girl grew up learning she can be happy and successful. And today she’s going after both.