Spring 2020 Montana Essay and Art Contest Winners Announced

We asked ACE scholars in Montana to tell us how ACE Scholarships has changed their life. Students submitted heartfelt stories about the importance of an ACE scholarship in achieving their academic and personal goals. After adding up the points, the winning essays have been chosen.


High School

$350 First Place Winner
Solomon, 9th grade – “ACE Scholarships has influenced my future through athletic principals and a Biblical worldview by affording me the privilege of attending a private Christian school.” To read Solomon’s award-winning essay, click here

$250 Second Place Winner (tie)
Makaila, 9th grade – “I go to a school where my teachers are ready to help me with assignments; I am not afraid to go to them [with] any questions, and I know they care about me, my grades, and my spiritual life.” To learn more about Makaila’s school, click here

$250 Second Place Winner (tie)
Kiernan, 9th grade – “My new school is great at helping me learn how to balance life, my disease, sports, family, faith and school… None of this would be possible without my scholarship from ACE.” To read Kiernan’s story, click here

$150 Third Place Winner (tie)
Jack, 9th grade – “…I hope to call this place home for the next four years. I can’t thank ACE Scholarships enough for fulfilling this choice that will change the rest of my life.” To read about Jack’s decision to attend an ACE partner school, click here

$150 Third Place Winner (tie)
Cache, 9th grade – “My teachers have made me rise like a balloon over my challenges. Not only have they taught me academics and speech therapy, they are also part of my family.” To read Cache’s story, click here


Middle School

$350 First Place Winner
Tylee, 6th grade – “ACE Scholarships has allowed me to be part of a school that really believes in a good education and being of service to others. I am sure my confidence in service, leadership, friendship, and caring, is from my years at [my ACE partner school]” To read Tylee’s award-winning essay, click here

$250 Second Place Winner 
Caleb, 6th grade – “ACE Scholarships has helped me to find many excellent friends. I have five good friends that are trustworthy, smart, and funny. They all love God a lot, like I do. I love to be around them.” Read more about how Caleb has benefited from his ACE scholarship here.

$150 Third Place Winner (tie)
Audrey, 7th grade – “My school is unbelievably wonderful and special. Without ACE, I would not be at the school I love, having many amazing opportunities.”  Read more about Audrey’s school here.

$150 Third Place Winner (tie)
Patience, 7th grade – “ACE Scholarships is influencing my future through athletics and the One Voice Model…which says, students are hearing one voice – at home, church and school.” Read more about how the One Voice model has influenced Patience here.


Grades K-5

We also received a number of amazing art pieces from ACE Montana students in grades K-5. Every Montana student who submitted artwork will receive a gift from ACE. Here are just a few of the amazing pieces we received:

Drawing by Baylen
Painting by Eden
Drawing by Addie