ACE Scholarships Read Aloud Day

The Importance of Reading in American Schools

The ACE Scholarships Read Aloud at partner school Escuela De Guadalupe was a morning to remember!

Our donors had the opportunity to read to students in grades K-3, where they got to know these incredible kids who will be the future leaders of our country. It was an amazing opportunity to see our scholars in action and to witness their love and passion for reading!

Reading out loud to students is just as important as students reading on their own. This event was a wonderful chance to enhance the excitement young students get from reading and storytelling.

With America ranking 13th in reading, it is crucial for students to start literacy in the early stages of their education. Escuela De Guadalupe makes sure reading is taught and absorbed from an early age, leading students to feel confident and excited about their reading and learning abilities.

A Closer Look: Escuela De Guadalupe

Escuela De Guadalupe is a private Catholic school for grades K-8 in Denver, Colorado. This school creates equal opportunity for all committed young scholars to pursue their passions, develop their unique gifts, and support their communities.

At Escuela, their goal is to inspire and prepare students and to light the fire of learning within them. Beginning in Kindergarten, students start building a strong learning foundation through targeted literacy instruction.

The middle school program at Escuela De Guadalupe is designed to build academic achievement through mastery of core content. The school also helps students develop the socioemotional competencies needed to thrive in college-preparatory high school environments and beyond.

Escuela De Guadalupe is a phenomenal school choice option for families in Colorado, and we are grateful for the support our scholars receive in their education!

Below you will find a video of our Read Aloud at Escuela De Guadalupe.