Nathan Garcia- Colorado

My name is Nate Garcia, and I’m honored to share my personal story over the past eight years. As a recipient of the ACE Scholarship, I have received the tremendous gift of quality education and much more. From the many teachers, mentors, and friends I’ve made over the past several years to the wisdom, perseverance, and character I’ve developed, the ACE Scholarships have given me the ability to pursue my dreams and build a life that might not otherwise have been possible.

I’m still amazed that ACE came into my life at just the right time when I needed to find a way out and a better path. I struggled in middle school and continued to drown after starting junior high. Feeling lost and out of place amidst the chaos of public school, life at home was also uncertain after my father left us when I was only ten years old. In addition to the emotional trauma this caused, there was the added pressure and anxiety my mother faced as a single parent left to raise my sister and me.
However, amid all this hardship, my mother discovered ACE Scholarships. With the support of ACE, I left the public school system and attended Faith Christian Academy, where my life would begin to change. I was in an ideal academic setting, but I was now among teachers and students who shared my faith. I was finally on a new path and in a safe place where I could concentrate on my grades, build positive friendships and regain my confidence. Because of the ACE Scholarship, I was able to graduate from Faith Christian Academy and the University of Colorado and now hold a degree in political science. My education also opened the door to an incredible internship with Colorado Representative Edie Hooton, where I gained career-relevant experience and firsthand knowledge of what it’s like to hold public office. Excited about my future in the political realm and proud of all that I have achieved, I can’t help but be grateful to those who support ACE.