America’s Promise and Education

In July 1776, with a powerful declaration of freedom from tyranny and oppression, the Founding Fathers set in motion a great experiment—the United States of America. The Declaration of Independence would go on to outline their commitments to liberal democracy, political freedom, personal liberty, religious plurality, and natural equality.

More than two centuries later, these values inspired Alex Cranberg, Charlie Gallagher, Ralph Nagel, John Saeman, and the late Ed McVaney and John Walton to establish ACE Scholarships. Their vision was powerful but simple: that all children have equal access to great schools.

The founders were adamant that a quality education should be a right for all families, not just the privileged, and they were ultimately driven to launch ACE by these primary convictions:

  1. The American public education system is flawed
  2. Free enterprise and democracy work
  3. Parents know the best education environment for their children
  4. Private schools offer great value and have open seats
  5. All people are created equal and deserve an equal chance to pursue the American Dream
These are the ideas that shape ACE Scholarships. With your support, we will provide the next generation an opportunity to cultivate virtue, choose their own destiny, and pursue life, liberty, and happiness. Please join us in ensuring America’s promise of freedom and equality is being kept.





For the seventh year in a row, Charity Navigator has awarded us their highest honor, 4-Star Rating for Financial Health, Accountability, and Transparency.