Does my child qualify for a scholarship?

ACE scholarships are based solely on family income. See the chart for ACE Scholarship financial eligibility.

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Who pays what?

An ACE Scholarship will pay up to 50% of private school tuition, or a maximum of $2,000 per year for grades K-8 and $3,000 per year for high school. The families are responsible for working out a payment plan with the school for the remainder of the tuition.

What schools participate?

A wide variety of private schools participate in the ACE Scholarship program. It is up to the families of potential scholarship recipients to select the best school for their child. ACE Scholarships provide financial support for the student but does not own or operate any of the schools. To see a complete list of schools in Montana scroll down. Don’t see your private school choice on our list? Tell the school administration to contact us about partnering with ACE.

The ACE Scholarship can follow your child.

If your child is awarded a scholarship, those funds are portable during the school year and may be used at any partner private school. So if the private school you select ends up not being the right fit, you can transfer your child to another partner private school, and the scholarship goes with them.

How do I apply?

Applying for an ACE Scholarship is done directly through the individual private school you’re considering. Please contact the school directly for an application. The following list details the typical application process.  

For instructions on how to apply online using FACTS, click below.

New families – How to Apply using FACTS

Existing ACE families – How to Apply using FACTS

  1. Confirm that you qualify for an ACE scholarship based on the financial guidelines listed in the chart above.
  2. Identify the right ACE partner private school for your child. You can view our partner schools below.
  3. Complete the school’s application and enrollment process for your child.
  4. Work with the chosen school to find out if there are available ACE scholarships. (All scholarships are distributed to schools in the spring of each year based on available funds.)
  5. If available, the school will provide you with an ACE application for you to complete.
  6. Return application and supporting documents to school for submission to ACE.

ACE Partner Schools

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