Invest in Montana kids and earn a 100% tax credit.

We envision a Montana where every child has access to a quality education. With your help, we can make this possible. Donate today and turn your taxes into charitable dollars that directly benefit kids!

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If you’re interested in the 2025 tax credit opportunity:

At ACE Scholarships, we are changing lives one child at a time by giving low-income parents the freedom to choose the school that is right for their children.  We know that every kid has the potential to be successful, but many simply lack the opportunity. With every tuition scholarship we award, we are bridging that gap and enabling individuals to break the cycle of poverty that oftentimes has plagued their family for generations. You can empower children with a quality, life-changing education at the elementary or high school of their dreams by donating to ACE. For those inclined to make a difference and fortify our Montana community, this program is a no-brainer. Eighty-six percent of every donation to ACE directly funds a child’s scholarship, and the taxpayer receives a 100% state income tax credit, if eligible, through the Montana Tax Credit for Qualified Education Contributions for this donation. That’s a small investment for an enormous benefit to kids who need it most.


Important details about the Montana tax credit program:

The 2024 Donation Cap has been met.

  1. A tax-paying individual or entity with Montana state tax liability can donate to ACE Scholarships and receive a 100% tax credit.
  2. There is a total of $5 million worth of tax credits available for 2024. Once the $5 million cap has been reached, subsequent donations made to the credit will be unavailable as a Montana credit but can be claimed as an itemized deduction for a charitable donation.
  3. The credit is available on a first-come, first-serve basis as determined by the timestamp of when we receive your donation. Donations will be entered to the state’s website on Jan 17, 2024, in the order the donations were received, until the $5 million cap has been reached. All donors to the program will be notified about whether their donation was able to be entered prior to the cap being reached.
  4. Each taxpayer individual or entity can donate and receive up to $200,000 in tax credits.
    1. Married taxpayers filing jointly may take a tax credit of up to $400,000 for each tax credit.
    2. Partnerships, S corporations, or LLC may not exceed $200,000 for each tax credit. Partners, S corporation shareholders, and members of an LLC may take a credit that is equal to their ownership percentage. This amount is then credited to their $200,000 limit.
    3. A pass-through entity’s donation must be attributed to its owners using the same proportion used to report the entity’s income or loss. If the owner received a portion of a tax credit from the entity and wishes to contribute individually, the owner is still subject to a tax credit limit of $200,000.


The best part of your investment in ACE scholars? See your IMPACT firsthand on:

  1. Deserving students’ lives
  2. Local private schools that fuel our community
  3. Our Montana community

Check our latest third-party research publications for further detail. For more information, email Lisa Russell or contact her at 406-628-8366.


$10,000 Donation to ACE (4 scholarships)
-$10,000 state tax credit
$0 Cost to taxpayer


Please note: to receive Montana’s Tax Credit for Qualified Education Contributions, please complete the Montana Tax Credit Scholarship Program Form associated with your donation.