This is more than the story of America’s educational crisis. It’s the story of how we can solve it.

There’s a crisis in American education. Too many kids from low-income families are falling between the cracks simply because they’re stuck in failing schools and can’t afford any other options. It’s happening right here in Kansas where only 81% of students from low-income families graduate from high school.

ACE Scholarships was founded in 2000 to provide these low-income parents with school choice for their families through partial scholarships to K-12 private schools. In 2016, Kansas became the fourth state to join ACE’s national efforts, following Montana and Louisiana, now serving 385 students across the state in 70 partner private schools.

ACE serves children whose families qualify for the federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program and the average income for our ACE families is $35,357 a year. So far in Kansas we’ve awarded nearly $3M in scholarships to low-income families helping to send 1,354 kids to the schools their families have decided are right for them. And the results are amazing with 90+% of ACE scholars consistently graduating high school. Moreover, they’re graduating from college at a rate nearly double that of their peers from predominantly low-income high schools.* *

All ACE graduation stats based on national numbers.

from low-income families with ACE scholarships graduate high school
ONLY 78.6%
of Kansas students from low-income families graduate
But with your support, we could help 5,707 more

Give a child the promise of a better tomorrow by becoming a donor today.

Please help us fill the 5,707 open desks all over Kansas and let’s give children from low-income families the opportunity for a great education and a lifetime of success.

You can empower children with a quality, life-changing education at the elementary or high school of their dreams by donating all or a portion of your state income taxes to ACE through the Kansas Low Income Student Scholarship Program. For those inclined to make a difference and fortify our Kansas community, this program is a no-brainer. Ninety-five percent of every donation to ACE directly funds a child’s scholarship, and the taxpayer receives a 70% state income tax credit. That’s a small investment for an enormous benefit to kids who need it most.

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