Kristina | I’m Living Proof ACE Works

ACE Scholarships Provide the Foundation To Success

ACE data has demonstrated, year after year, that private schools offer all children a great education. It is crucial for families to have the opportunity of school choice and the ability to choose a school that best suits them outside of their five-digit zip code and failing local school.

ACE Scholarships is continuing to step up to the challenge with a mission to change the lives of students in America. With the help and generosity of our supporters, we were able to award 12,058 scholarships this 2022-2023 school year.

Below you will find an incredible story of the positive impact ACE can bring to a family and student in need of educational alternatives.

A Story of Gratitude

Kristina is an ACE Scholar and a junior at Little Rock Christian Academy (LRCA) in Arkansas, with an outstanding 4.0 GPA. Kristina had the opportunity to speak at the ACE Scholarships Arkansas’s Inaugural Dinner last month at the Governor’s Mansion, which was among our efforts to Save the American Student.

Kristina took the stage and shared her academic journey and the impact that an ACE scholarship had in continuing her private school education. She shared her gratitude for the opportunities she is being given, “the great generosity of people like you made it possible for people like me to pursue greatness and I am living proof that ACE works.”

Kristina has a love for honors biology and aspires to be a pulmonary or cardiac surgeon. She has big goals for herself in the future, with the guidance of her ACE partner school, “I am not just going to school, I’m being prepared for life, my future, and for many great things to come. I am learning and exploring so many wonderful things from the arts to the sciences to leadership.” Kristina is an incredible student with passions and dreams for her future.

Not only is Kristina thriving in her academic studies, but she is also a part of LRCA’s Student Governments Association, Student Orientation Staff, and Future Business Leaders of America. She is also a junior representative for the Student Governments Association and plans to be president next year. Kristina states, “These are great ways to help people while also helping me gain advocacy skills.” Kristina has gone above and beyond in furthering her leadership skills and she is showing the difference that private education can bring to a student.

Kristina shared, “As exciting as this all sounds, let me tell you that it almost wasn’t.” When Kristina was transitioning from middle school to high school at LRCA, the tuition was not something her mother could handle and Kristina planned to make the switch back to public school.

This public school journey was something she was ready to embrace, but thanks to ACE, she was able to continue her private education. “From an academic standpoint, it would have been a major step backward. There is no way I would gain the same exposure and growth opportunities to the sciences and arts that I’ve gained at LRCA. We were preparing to make this difficult transition, and then ACE came into our lives.”

After she received an ACE scholarship, Kristina was able to continue to learn where she felt the most successful and continue her extracurricular activities that are teaching her life skills. “Thanks to a last-minute scholarship from ACE, I was able to stay at LRCA and continue to grow, dream, and thrive. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for this opportunity.” By supporting ACE Scholarships you are not only giving students a better education but also providing them with the materials needed for a successful future.

For Kristina’s future goals, she is planning to apply to Stanford. “My education at LRCA has truly prepared me for success.” Kristina’s remarkable story is just one of many that show the importance of school choice and the ability to find a school that works for the student.

Thank you for making success stories like this possible.

Below you will find a video of Kristina’s speech at the 2022 ACE Arkansas’s Inaugural Dinner!