Lizzy | I’m Living Proof ACE Scholarships Works

A student in Arkansas is able to follow her dreams thanks to ACE

ACE Scholar Lizzy is a junior at Mount Saint Mary Academy in Little Rock, Arkansas. Lizzy took the stage at the 2022 ACE Scholarships Arkansas Inaugural Dinner to explain why she is living proof that ACE works!

Lizzy has big dreams of becoming an actress on Broadway and has a special place in her heart for live theatre. “Dreams can come true,” said Lizzy.

When she started at Mount Saint Mary as a freshman, she was shy and nervous. Lizzy ended up thriving there. “Thanks to the welcoming teachers, in just a few short years, I have broadened my horizons, developed new skills, and found my voice as well as my passion,” Lizzy said.

Lizzy is actively involved in forensic speech competitions and says they give her a chance to sharpen her skills and grow even more as a performer. In 2021 she qualified for the state competition, and in 2022 she placed third in the small school sweepstake.

At Mount Saint Mary, her work is really paying off, and the exceptional learning environment there has helped her find her voice. “I’m not afraid to say what needs to be said,” Lizzy stated. Lizzy has blossomed into a dedicated student at Mount Saint Mary, and she knows she is going to be successful, not only in her future academics, but in the real world as well.

As for college, Lizzy is set on attending New York University, where she will be able to sharpen her acting abilities and one day hopefully work her way into Broadway. “I hope you will remember the name Lizzy when you find yourself near Broadway in The Big Apple sometime in the future,” said Lizzy.

She has a positive outlook and confidence in her future, thanks to the guidance and education she has received.

Lizzy is thankful for the opportunities she has been given through her ACE scholarship and the ability to attend the school of her choice. “I know the education that I received thanks to my ACE scholarship has put me well on my way,” she said.