Jorge Jaquez- Colorado

My name is Jorge, and I received an ACE scholarship from sixth grade through twelfth grade. My parents found St. Rose of Lima after I completed fifth grade at my public school. It was the complete package: quality of education, individual attention, location, and alignment with my family’s values. I went on to Arrupe Jesuit high school, a unique school with a corporate work-study program that allowed me to gain the insight and skills that put me a step ahead of my peers. I went on to the Colorado School of Mines and obtained a degree in Petroleum Engineering.

I’m currently a hydraulic fracturing engineer at Liberty Energy, a Denver company that is leading the way in finding innovative ideas to refine the hydraulic fracturing process and in turn, makes energy more accessible to the world.

ACE helped pave the way for me to get to where I am today, as it made the schools I attended accessible to me and allowed me to put my unique abilities to use in a way that challenged me and kept me pushing for more. Now my three younger brothers are following in my footsteps with help from ACE, and I couldn’t be prouder of the driven young men they have had the freedom to become, just like I had.