Robert Sneed- Louisiana

My name is Robert Sneed; I grew up in a small town south of Alexandria, LA. I am a man of God that’s highly motivated to do the right thing in life. I always wanted and dreamed of being in the military, which was no surprise to my family because my father is a Marine.

While attending public school, I always managed to get passed on to the next grade level, although I wasn’t growing as an individual. I was constantly getting in trouble while attending public school. During my sophomore year of high school, I was awarded an ACE scholarship to attend an academic award-winning private high school.

ACE was a massive step in the right direction for me. Once I started attending private high school, I could finally separate from negativity and focus on my school work and sports. I went on to graduate high school with 45 college credits. Since graduating high school in 2017, I managed to graduate from college with two bachelor’s degrees, and I also followed my dream by joining the military. Thank you, ACE Scholarships for being a huge stepping stone in my life.