Keep their dreams alive

Our scholars are fighting for their dreams, and they need a caring community who will stand by them in this time of need. That’s where you come in.

Please download the #ACEdreams Video Share Guide, and help make sure our students’ voices are heard by sharing far and wide.

The ACE community is at its best when we rise together and fight for educational freedom for those who need it most.

In the wake of the outbreak, low-income families who were already making sacrifices to pay their portion of K-12 school tuition are sacrificing even more to provide their children with a quality education. Parents are not giving up on their dreams for their children, and our scholars are committed to making the most of their educational opportunity. Their focus on building a bright future for themselves and future generations is unshakable.

This is why ACE Scholarships matters so much: access to a quality education enables children to reach their full potential, setting off a positive ripple effect that impacts entire families and communities.

Together, we are investing in the leaders of tomorrow. Our scholars’ dreams are big and their determination second to none. Nyankat is one such scholar:

“I want to finish more than ever now.”

We at ACE are so GRATEFUL for the optimism and fortitude of students like Nyankat during this unprecedented, historical moment in time. Their unbelievable grit, determination, and optimistic outlook are worth investing in – can you match them? Every dollar matters.

Many members of the ACE family have reached out to ask what they can do to help. For those who are able, we welcome gifts of any size to the ACE Dreams Alive Fund. These gifts will help ACE Scholarships fulfill scholarship commitments for our thousands of qualifying families whose financial stability has been jeopardized by the current crisis yet are still courageously prioritizing their children’s education. 100 percent of gifts to the ACE Dreams Alive Fund will directly benefit children from low-income families.

For more information, please contact [email protected].

For the seventh year in a row, Charity Navigator has awarded us their highest honor, 4-Star Rating for Financial Health, Accountability, and Transparency.