Lizzy | I’m Living Proof ACE Works

A student in Arkansas is able to follow her dreams thanks to ACE ACE Scholar Lizzy is a junior at Mount Saint Mary Academy in Little Rock, Arkansas. Lizzy took

ACE Sisters | School Choice in Montana

“Thank you for investing in the future!” ACE sisters Micaiah and Shilah from Helena, Montana, took the stage at the 2022 ACE Scholarships Montana Cocktail Event to share their stories

Samantha Custer | A Louisiana Mom’s Remarkable Story with ACE

Zip Code Crisis and School Choice Alternative In almost all communities in America, schools are assigned to students based on 5 simple numbers, their zip code. Unfortunately, this crisis leads

Yarian | Alumna and Member of ACE Texas Alumni Board

“I simply would not be the person I am today if it wasn’t for ACE Scholarships” ACE Scholar, Yarian, took the stage at ACE Scholarships Houston’s Annual Luncheon to share

Kristina | I’m Living Proof ACE Works

ACE Scholarships Provide the Foundation To Success ACE data has demonstrated, year after year, that private schools offer all children a great education. It is crucial for families to have

ACE Montana’s Tax Credit Program | ACE Scholarships

An Overview of ACE Montana’s Tax Credit Program We need to talk about the importance of school choice. We spoke with Jake Penwell, the president of ACE Montana and Wyoming,

An ACE Family in Montana Shares Their Story of Gratitude

Students Reach New Possibilities With ACE Scholarships A student should not be stuck in a school that does not work for them. But unfortunately, many children are stuck in failing

A Donation to ACE Gives Scholars A Chance To Follow Their Dreams

At ACE, our mission is to provide children of families in underserved communities with scholarships to private schools in grades K-12, and to advocate for expanded school choice. Thanks to