The Power of Educational Freedom: ACE Sophomore Milan

My name is Milan, and I am proud to be an ACE Scholar!

I graduated from the Imani School and now attend St. Agnes Young Women’s College Preparatory Academy in Texas, where I have been empowered to excel in academics, serve as volleyball manager, and perform in the Strake Jesuit theater department. 

Milan and her mother at their ACE partner school

For me, ACE is a blessing. My family’s financial situation changed while I was in middle school, and my mom wasn’t going to be able to afford for all of her kids to go to private school. She was unfortunately faced with a choice on which of us kids she was going to pull out of private school.

I was going to be the one who had to transfer to public school because she believed that my private school had given me a strong foundation, and she wanted my younger sister to receive that same foundation. I’ve attended private school all my life and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. So, when ACE stepped in to support my family, I knew I was going to get the education that was right for me.

My dreams are big, and I know a quality education will help me achieve them. I dream to attend UCLA and to become a Marine Psychologist. If you’re thinking “there’s no such thing as a Marine Psychologist,” well let me tell you, I met one, and she was fantastic!

I believe the character encouragement from my private school teachers has made me into the ambitious young woman I am today. But my private school education wouldn’t have been possible without the help of others and the ACE scholarship. I am just so grateful to know that total strangers are willing to assist me in supporting my future.

I am amazed by what ACE has done for me and so many other students like me. When I hear stories from ACE alumni, I get more excited about my future and how one day I will be sharing my impact on society with you all, just like so many of them have.

Thank you for giving me that hope.