A Closer Look at Our 2019 Women’s Luncheon Speaker

Entrepreneur and community leader Heidi Ganahl is taking on gender disparity in entrepreneurship and business with SheFactor—a unique system featuring a book, inspiring online content, mentorship, and live events.

“We’ve created a movement at SheFactor,” says Heidi. “This isn’t about us. Quite simply, we need women to succeed, and we want women to succeed because we know the force of power that women are in our world.” SheFactor combines an intuitive app that empowers women to set and achieve goals, a robust e-learning platform, live events, and community squads that help peers connect within a company, college, or city.

Heidi was inspired to launch SheFactor when her daughter graduated college. She realized that we put an enormous effort into getting young women to complete school, but once they graduate, we send them into the world without the tools or networks necessary to succeed in business. SheFactor is designed to support aspiring leaders as they begin their careers. The goal is to build a community with like-minded and growth-oriented women.

Most people know Heidi as the founder of Camp Bow Wow, the $100 million pet care and training franchise. Although she has a passion for canines, Heidi is even more passionate about giving back to the community. In addition to launching SheFactor, she is the founder of Fight Back Foundation, a startup incubator that connects social entrepreneurs to mentors, funders, and partners who are focused on building a successful future for our children. “I am very passionate about kids,” says Heidi. “I’m ready to take a stand for our children, and I’m ready to lead entrepreneurs in Colorado to be the change we want to see for our children—to make Colorado the safest, the happiest and the healthiest place for children anywhere.”

For the first time in the history of the United States, children born today are worse off than the children of the last two generations. An astounding 56% of parents believe that when it comes to the success of our children, our country’s best days are behind us. The struggle is even greater for young women who, according to Pew Research, will incur more college debt than men, only to find themselves earning 85% of what their male counterparts earn once they enter the workforce. For Heidi it’s time to take a stand, explaining, “We all have to raise our hands and get involved. We have to fight for our kids, our girls, and for their way of life. I’m committed to using my hard-won experience leading a $100 million brand to turn things around for our children, our young women, and our families.”

Are you ready to take a stand? If so, join Heidi Ganahl and ACE Scholarships at the 2019 Women’s Luncheon on September 25th at the Seawall Ballroom in Denver. Participate in Heidi’s vision to build a better future for children, young women, and their families. Plus, hear directly from those impacted by ACE Scholarships as they share their inspiring stories of lives transformed because of access to quality education.

For more information, visit www.acescholarships.org.