St. Elizabeth’s School | ACE Partner School

St. Elizabeth’s School Removes Barriers to High-Quality Education

ACE Partner School, St. Elizabeth’s School, in Denver, Colorado, fosters an environment where students feel supported in their school community. St. Elizabeth’s currently has 10 ACE Scholars and has had a total of 64 Scholars since 2012.

St. Elizabeth’s School was founded at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church. It was established due to a need for a quality, values-based education in Denver for all children, regardless of their economic status, race, color, religious beliefs or affiliation, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

This ACE Partner School has a blend of well-balanced academics enriched by a commitment to the development of a child’s academic, social, spiritual, and artistic promise. St. Elizabeth’s encourages a love for learning and prepares ACE Scholars for success in their secondary education and beyond.

St. Elizabeth’s assembles a well-balanced student body that reflects the socioeconomic diversity of the Denver community, and through their arts program, they expand cultural awareness and inspire creativity.

Their mission is to remove barriers to high-quality education for families in underserved communities and to empower parents to make the best educational choices for their children.

When asked what makes St. Elizabeth’s stand out, Adriana Murphy, Head of School, said, “The biggest thing that sets us apart is our tuition scale and the way that we assemble our classes. We have a sliding scale tuition model and we assemble our classes in a one-third, one-third, one-third distribution. Our classes are balanced racially, economically, and socially and we guarantee that at every grade level, there’s going to be that balance.”

Additionally, St. Elizabeth’s expects parents to be actively involved in the school and their child’s education, which brings a strong sense of community. By fostering a caring learning and social environment that is safe, families have confidence their child is in the right school.

Thanks to our gracious donors, ACE Scholarships has been able to award $390,000 in scholarship funding to allow students to attend St. Elizabeth’s School, where they have thrived academically. We can’t wait to see that number grow!

Below you will find testimonials from the ACE family at St. Elizabeth’s School.

“Our family has been receiving an ACE Scholarship since Lanaya was in kindergarten. My favorite part about St. Elizabeth’s is how it’s just an open community. They come with open arms and if we need resources they’re always there to help us. It’s just like our second family.”
-Anastasia Brame, ACE Parent

“My favorite part about St. Elizabeth’s is that the teachers are really nice and it’s just a really good education here.”
-Irvin, ACE Scholar

“I like St. Elizabeth’s because I can have a close relationship with my teachers.”
-Mae, ACE Scholar