Devin | I’m Living Proof ACE Scholarships Works

“I now believe I am able to achieve my dreams”

ACE Scholar Devin is a senior at ACE partner school Cornerstone Christian Academy (CCA) in Tillar, Arkansas. Devin took the stage at the 2022 ACE Arkansas Inaugural Dinner to share why he is living proof that ACE works.

With the help of a scholarship from ACE, Devin is able to attend CCA, where he is excited and eager to learn. “At Cornerstone, I learned about real teamwork and became a leader. CCA gives me something to look forward to when I wake up every morning,” said Devin.

Before attending CCA, Devin was in a public school where he did not feel safe, significant, or inspired, and ultimately, it was a negative environment for his education and future success.

When Devin’s neighbor introduced him to CCA, Devin immediately knew that was the school he wanted to attend. Unfortunately, due to financial barriers, he realized this would not be a possibility for his family. This is where ACE stepped in and made school choice a possibility!

“Thank you for making a sacrifice and giving…me and my younger siblings…a legitimate shot at a better life,” said Devin.

CCA’s mission is to serve God by providing a quality education that is Christ-centered and academically challenging for all children in their community. CCA is a Christian environment where faith is integrated with learning to enable students to become spiritually, academically, emotionally, socially, and physically prepared for the future.

At Cornerstone Christian Academy, Devin has gained confidence, and the smaller class sizes make it easier for him to learn. Thanks to CCA and ACE, Devin is confident that reaching his dreams is now possible!

Devin has his heart set on becoming a sports medicine physician, but his ultimate achievement would be playing in the NBA!

Without ACE and the kindness of our donors, Devin’s life would not look anything like it does today. “Thanks to generous donors like you, I was able to come to the Cornerstone by junior year, and the difference is night and day,” Devin said.

Below you will find Devin’s full speech at the 2022 Arkansas Inaugural Dinner!