Christian Brothers Automotive Foundation Helps Launch ACE Scholarships in Austin

Christian Brothers Automotive Foundation is providing low-income families with equal access to education through their commitment to back the launch of ACE Scholarships Austin.

“I’m excited to announce our foundation’s support of ACE Scholarships and the work they do on behalf of kids,” says Jonathan Carr, president of Christian Brothers Automotive Foundation. “Every person in our company can raise their hand and say, ‘I contributed to helping change a life through the power of education.’”

Creating educational opportunity for low-income families is as important now as it has ever been. With Christian Brothers Automotive’s commitment to bring ACE Scholarships to Austin, the organization is set to provide income-based scholarships in five major metropolitan areas across Texas, including Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio. “I am incredibly grateful for Jonathan and his efforts to increase the number of children we serve,” says Norton Rainey, president of ACE Scholarships.

Christian Brothers Automotive has a long history of serving the community. Each year, their franchises­–with the help of local ministries and churches–give free services to people in need of oil changes and safety repairs. And in January of 2020, Christian Brothers Automotive Foundation launched the Hub Garage, a project focused on providing single moms who lack transportation with reliable vehicles.

In addition to the backing of ACE Scholarships Austin, Carr will join the ACE National Advisory Board, where he will work to provide children of low-income families with access to private schools in grades K-12. Since 2000, ACE Scholarships has awarded over 42,000 scholarships worth over $102 million, giving children from low-income families across the nation the chance to succeed. “And succeed they have,” says John Oliver, ACE Scholarships chief programs officer. “90% of ACE students graduate high school. And most of our graduates go on to college.” In fact, ACE scholars graduate from college at a rate nearly double that of their peers, with 73% graduating with a bachelor’s degree or higher.

In Texas, there are over 3 million children of low-income families. And with the current COVID-19 crisis, these numbers are expected to rise. Bound by income, many Texas children are trapped in schools that are not the right fit for them or their families. Yet, there are over ten thousand open desks at ACE partner schools across Texas–schools eager to make a difference in a child’s life. ACE Scholarships works to put deserving students in these schools by covering part of a student’s tuition cost. The family typically pays for a portion of the tuition, and the school covers the rest. Through this model, everyone is invested in the child’s success.

“We are excited to bring our history of success to the people of Austin,” says Shelley Rogers, president of ACE Scholarships Houston. “We are just starting to see the lasting impact COVID-19 will have on our education system. Families need programs like ACE now more than ever. I am incredibly grateful for Jonathan, Beth, and Christian Brothers Automotive Foundation for advocating on behalf of children and education during this time of crisis. It warms my heart as a Christian, and as a Texan.”