A Donation to ACE Gives Scholars A Chance To Follow Their Dreams

At ACE, our mission is to provide children of families in underserved communities with scholarships to private schools in grades K-12, and to advocate for expanded school choice. Thanks to your generous support, we are able to provide a learning alternative to American families and create positive change in a declining education system.

A Message From Baetti

Baetti, an ACE Scholar in 11th grade in Fort Worth, Texas, is grateful for the support from ACE that has allowed her to live her educational dream. With the financial support from donations and support from the ACE family, Baetti was able to have a year full of new academic experiences, “I am writing to thank you very much for your much-needed financial support this year! I was able to study in a school I like very much and the year was full of adventures for me.” Thanks to our donors, Baetti was able to learn in an environment that allowed her to thrive and feel supported. 

Not only that, but Baetti is also able to excel in extracurriculars at All Saints Episcopal School and take on new academic challenges, putting her skills to the test, “I have learned a lot about American history and culture. I am actively involved in volleyball, choir, and math, in which I scored over 100. I also scored excellent grades in all my other subjects! My English has improved a lot, but I want to continue improving.” Baetti is determined to take on new challenges and opportunities, showing how much of a beneficial impact an ACE scholarship has on ACE scholars in private institutions.

Baetti has academic goals and big plans to give back to the community in the future, “I want to study business in college. I have already started the preparation. I want to be an entrepreneur and support others just like you are supporting me now.” Baetti is thankful for the opportunity to eventually attend college and study her academic interests, “Thank you for your contribution to my life and my dream!” Baetti’s story is just one of the thousands of stories of ACE scholars’ success in private partner schools.