ACE Sets Scholars Up for Success in Their Future

A donation to ACE not only helps a child in grades K-12, but also gives scholars a better chance of going to college. ACE scholarships provides change in a failing education system to set students up for success after graduation. One student in particular shares their story of what ACE meant to them and their education. 

A Message From Dulce

Dulce, an ACE Alumnus of All Saints Episcopal School in Fort Worth, Texas, was able to complete her education thanks to the financial help of donations and support from ACE, “For others, ACE may seem like three simple letters but for me, those three letters have changed my education.”

Dulce was not only able to complete her education, but took all AP classes, raised her grades, and enjoyed the challenge, “I actually enjoyed taking such rigorous classes. Not only that, I was able to increase my GPA even more than I did last year and managed to keep all A’s in all my classes both semesters.” Dulce was able to go above and beyond in her education, showing how a donation to ACE allows students to find the best fit and step out of their comfort zone.

In addition to her studies, Dulce also got involved in extracurricular activities, “I participated in my school’s musical this year, which was The Addams Family and I was the religious prefect at All Saints.” She was able to find her creativity and interests and excel in things outside of academics.

By having the opportunity given by ACE, Dulce was able to choose the best college for her future. Dulce had multiple offers from high-end educational institutes, “Although I had 19 schools to choose from, I went with my heart and chose TCU. I was so happy to find out I had been admitted to TCU’s nursing program, which is one of the most difficult majors to be admitted into.” Not only did she get accepted into her top choice, but she is also proud of her achievements and excited to be a part of the nursing program.

Dulce has shown hard work and dedication, but without ACE, her story would not have been possible, “I am extremely grateful for all the help you have given me because you helped me pursue a higher education.”

This is just one story of how your support is changing the lives of students and families in America. For more stories like this one, make sure you are following us on social media!