ACE Scholarships Is Changing Lives. Here’s How.

Sylvie and others can change their stories with ACE.

It is an unfortunate reality that many students are not afforded the resources they need to succeed. ACE Scholarships works to change that narrative. Thanks to ACE, many students have been able to pursue their American dream. Let’s take a look at an ACE Scholar, Sylvie, and see what she had to say about ACE Scholarships during the ACE Scholarships Annual Luncheon this year. 


Sylvie’s confidence can be seen and heard in her stage presence. This is something she may not have developed if it weren’t for the quality education she was finally able to receive. She attended St. Vincent De Paul Catholic School, where she recently completed her 8th-grade year. Sylvie looks forward to beginning high school in the fall, a feeling she hasn’t always had.

Before life at St. Vincent De Paul, school was a terrible experience for Sylvie. In 3rd grade, to be specific, her experience with the local school brought nothing but dread. Sylvie felt like the teachers hated her and that she didn’t fit in with other kids. Sylvie couldn’t stand going to school, and her mom became worried that Sylvie was depressed.

Sylvie needed a new start, but her parents’ divorce and financial situation made it so that she could not afford a private school. This led Sylvie to feel sad, trapped, and scared. Luckily, thanks to ACE, that is no longer Sylvie’s life. ACE supporters have helped set Sylvie free. These days, Sylvia feels welcomed, supported, and challenged. Her ACE Scholarship made it possible for her to attend St. Vincent De Paul, which has changed her life immensely. 

Sylvie soon found herself fascinated with history and art. Rather than dreading school, she now felt that she fit in and looked forward to learning. Sylvie’s mother watched Sylvie blossom and went from feeling worried to feeling proud. Now, Sylvie is an honor roll student, a volunteer, and a peer advisor, who loves learning. She was able to find her voice once she entered a learning environment that fosters growth. 

“I went from a student who dreaded school to a student who’s now thriving and eager to go to school and give it all I’ve got,” Sylvie said. She stressed that the generosity of ACE donors is more than a nice thing to do. “Your commitment to education is literally life changing.” 

It is thanks to our donors that students like Sylvie have been able to find success, despite their circumstances. If you would like to change the story for countless other students, consider donating to ACE at www.acescholarships.org/donate. Together, we can make a difference and help so many others achieve their American dream.