An ACE Family in Montana Shares Their Story of Gratitude

Students Reach New Possibilities With ACE Scholarships

A student should not be stuck in a school that does not work for them.

But unfortunately, many children are stuck in failing schools that lack the infrastructure and guidance they need to succeed. That’s one of the reasons why we couldn’t stand by anymore and watch our children fail. Here at ACE Scholarships, one of our goals is to change the lives of students from underserved communities by giving them the opportunity of school choice.

At our 2022 Montana Dinner, we had the pleasure of hearing from Jen Marble, an ACE parent. She spoke to us about what was possible after her son received a scholarship from ACE. Logan, Jen’s son, was not receiving the proper education that he needed and something had to change.

“We felt stuck in the public school system. No friends, playdates, or birthday invites. So I advocated for my son. We found out he was a high-functioning autistic little amazing boy. He was told he was a troublemaker. He wasn’t enough for special ed and he didn’t excel enough for extended studies,” Jen said. When she found out about ACE Scholarships, the future took a turn for the better. No longer did Jen have to worry about feeling “like I missed something and feeling like a bad mom.”

Logan now attends Billings Christian School, where he is able to thrive! “We knew this was the place. Our son was smiling and walking through the halls. That was it. We knew where he belonged.” Jen emphasized the importance of finding the right academic institution to meet the needs and expectations of a child’s education. “Logan doesn’t fit in a box and should get the best education we can find. I believe no child should be left behind, isolated, or looked down on because they learn differently,” she said.

An ACE scholarship not only aided Logan in finding the best fit for him but also helped his entire family. Jen explained, “We decided our 16-year-old daughter would also attend. We didn’t know how we were going to afford tuition for two kids. We were recommended to apply for an ACE scholarship and we received one. Thank you from our family to yours for believing in opportunities for these amazing kids.” The Marble family is a reminder of how important the opportunity of school choice is, and it wouldn’t be possible without our gracious donors.

Jake Penwell, President of ACE Scholarships Montana and Wyoming, received a heartwarming voicemail from Jen Marble showing her gratitude regarding Logan’s happiness and success in school. You can find that below, as well as a full video of Jen Marble’s speech at the Montana Cocktail event.